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hais: a literary journal

We’re proud to present the inaugural issue of hais: a literary journal!

Featuring 39 contributors, the journal contains poetry, prose, art, and photography!

Thank you to many folks who helped us put this journal together and many thanks to the contributors!

The contributors: Jamie, Yelisa Ambriz, Cheyenne Chue, Andrea Marin Contreras, Esmeralda Gamez, Desiree Garza, Krissy Gastelo, Camille Herrera, Lee Lee, Phoua Lee, Ibe Liebenberg, Xai S. Lor, Austin Mitchell, Ceci Hernandez Monjaras, Asia Moua, Luna Moua, Delaney R. Whitebird Olmo, M. O’Ann, Bradley Samore, Manivone Kai Sayasone, Pean Teng-Lai, Nhou Thao, Kevin Thao, Sheng Thao, Lilian Thaoxaochay, Marivi Toledo, Alberto Saldaña Uribe, Jasmine Vang, Jason Vang, Jonny Vang, Pa Chang Vang, Soul Vang, Tony Vang, Xiong David Vang, Renee Ya, M.M. Yaj, Kalue Yang, Gaoyong Yang-Vang.

View a preview of the journal, featuring the contributors who were in the virtual launch reading.

The online launch of the journal

Video was released on June 15, 2020. Hear from some of our contributors.

Want a physical copy of the journal?

Good news! With the creation of the English Department’s Storefront (eMarket) there is now a way for you to order copies of the HAIS journal for free (with $2 charge shipping). Simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to the “About” page on the English Dept. website:

2. Select “Storefront (eMarket)” in the “About” section

3. Select “Publications” 

4. Choose “2020 HAIS Journal” from various publications

Interested in submitting to our journal?

Our submissions period typically open up from fall to winter. Please check back on our “submit” page for future call for submissions.

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