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Utilizing the medium of writing, we encourage Hmong American writers and historically marginalized voices to become active participants in documenting themselves and their stories in a system that has historically left us behind.

Hmong American writings is a growing area. In the past decade, pioneering Hmong writers have established their voices in the literary world and continue to pave paths for new generations of Hmong writers.

Organizations such as the Hmong American Writers’ Circle (HAWC) is an inspiration to the start of this student organization based at Fresno State.

Created in August 2019, Hmong American Ink & Stories (HAIS) creates a space to reaffirm, encourage, and professionalize Hmong writers and other marginalized voices, particularly Asian Pacific voices.

We are situated in Fresno, CA and are a student organization at Fresno State.

What We Do

Through monthly workshop meetings, HAIS fosters community and creativity, and is a welcoming space for members and community to write and share their stories, to receive the stories of others, and to be inspired by the craft and power of writing. 

Members will also be shown resources about publications and be exposed to current and emerging Asian Pacific voices in the literary world.

By the end of each academic year, we seek to publish a literary journal that will be open to Fresno State students, the larger community of the Central Valley, and beyond.

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